Learn from your history, but don’t live in it.

— Steve Maraboli (via observando)

The greatest thing about dreams is they don’t expire. They can lay dormant for years and when you pull them out and dust them off, they shine like new.

— Casi McLean (via observando)

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Free yourself from the burden of feeling the need to hold on to anything. Let go… you are a part of everything.

— Steve Maraboli (via observando)

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The scene last night at #POLO4D in Central Park


Golden hour at the #POLO4D show at Central Park last night



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tonight, tonight. #odlrlive


Rosie Assoulin Primavera/Verano 2015

Semana de la Moda de Nueva York


Rosie Assoulin Spring/Summer 2015

New York Fashion Week

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